Business Intelligence for Everyone: Seacoast SQL User Group Presentation

I presented [Microsoft Power BI: Business Intelligence for Everyone](Microsoft Power BI: Business Intelligence for Everyone) to the Seacoast SQL User Group for the second time on May 21st, 2018 on Power BI. I'm happy with how it went overall, but I'll try to save some of the detail I went into for the user bootcamp next time.

I had a couple people ask for slides after, but the session besides a quick intro was all hands on. The goal of the talk was to be a high level introduction into Power BI and the many features that it offers.

A high level summary of what was covered:

  1. Overview of the large amount of available connectors
  2. Bringing in your data using Power Query. This covered both the GUI and coding experience
  3. How you can model your data
  4. Building a report
  5. How you can share your report through publishing to the Power BI Service
  6. Features of the Power BI service including dashboarding, development practices, and experience customization

Some of the helpful feedback I got included illustrating scenarios where Power BI can solve problems, and best practices around use of the tool. I'll be looking to cover this in future blog posts, as bringing Power BI to my organization has been a transformational experience that solved widespread problems.

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